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Mooooommmmmm!! I’m BORED!!!!

This is all I’ve been hearing the past couple of days. We live in Minnesota, and quite frankly, it’s literally too cold to go outside – the people who were too stupid to heed the news when they said not to go outside have now ended up on the news as the cases of frost – bite, so that hopefully no one else has to push it. (I’m sure they will anyway..) Anyway… I had to keep Thing 1 home from preschool today because of an ailment, and we had scheduled an appointment with his doc for this afternoon. So, I plotted out what the heck I was going to do with the kids until it came time for the appointment, and figured that once we got home I would be making supper and we would fall into the normal night-time gig – WRONG!
Unfortunately for me, I never go anywhere, and this lead to my engine freezing up, making us completely unable to get to the doctor’s office. Oh hell! Not that I was looking forward to it, but I really didn’t have anything planned to keep these kids (who are hyped up on the sugar cookies we had made) occupied and amused, and all Thing 1 has to say to me is “I like cold. Cold’s fine. We’re going outside.” Needless to say, that did not happen for him; but I did (of course) go digging through pinterest and found a really fun inside (CLEAN!) activity for the little monsters. As usual, here is the link to the original http://mummymusingsandmayhem.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/weekly-kids-co-opreal-life-play-water.html.
The whole thing is simply giving them a basin of water with some dish soap in it and a whisk to make bubbles. She then had them “wash” their play dishes. This sounded great since I obviously can’t leave and am back to a really sparse kitchen (out of milk again already!!!) I of course had to put my own spin on it. So I dug out my huge roasting pan, had them throw in their dirty play dishes, grabbed the whisk and the soap and paraded them off to the bathroom. This is why there are no pictures today. So I put them in the tub sat them down with the roaster and had them make bubbles. This was awesome for about 15 minutes before they started losing interest – enter play dishes! I got another 15 minutes out of that. After that started to get a little boring, mom zipped off to the kitchen and grabbed some food coloring. Two drops on the bubbles every once in a while and they were in business.
They were in that tub virtually SILENT (Oh yes, you heard me right), for an hour – again, not a typo – an hour. They had a blast, and Thing 1 actually broke down his scientific process for me when they got out. Mom gets quiet, kids are happy, and they learned something!!!! Why have I been over thinking this activity business for so long?!


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