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All Tied Up

So, this post really doesn’t have anything to do with saving money or being frugal, but rather is a really nifty little craft idea that will benefit both camping families, and those who lean towards being more of a movie buff crowd. My kids are always demanding “camp spots” at movie and down time during the day, meaning they want their blankets laid out just so and their pillows put exactly where their precious heads will land. Once they lay down and find themselves comfortable, the realization hits – “now that we’re laying ON our blankets, we aren’t covered up!!” And so begins the dragging out of every blanket we own. It would be cute if mom weren’t left folding queen size comforters every night of her life for an hour. While cruising pinterest once again, I spotted a no sew sleeping bag post (same idea behind a tie blanket), so of course I immediately pinned it and went back during nap to see how this fabulous item was made – the link led to a picture. That’s it. There was a url on the bottom of the photo that I followed to a site that makes doll bedding and clothing, but still, could not find instructions or even the image. Apparently I’m competitive, because I came to the point that I said the hell with that! I’ll make a better one! And thus the genuine camp spot was born! We will be using ours on movie nights, stargazing on the deck, camping and for sleepovers in mom and dad’s room on stormy/scary nights. So here’s how we made this wonderful item!
You will need –img_0768

Fabric  – 4 yd total for these kid sized units

Foam Pad – I bought the 24″ x 76″ roll and cut it in half to make two

Pillow – I got mine at Walmart for $2.50 a piece for this project

A decent pair of scissors

Total cost of materials seems to be $35 for non-licensed fleece – if you’re getting characters or licensed stuff you’re looking at around $40-$50

img_0769Lay out the fabric you want for the outside of img_0771your bag/camp spot and lay on your pad and pillow so you have your desired length left over for ties around three edges. Make sure however you choose to lay it out that you have enough fabric to do the top as well.  Once you feel satisfied that everything is just so go ahead and put down the fabric for the inside of your bag over the whole thing and cut the side that will become the top of your bag, making sure to leave enough on the side of your pad so that you can still tie it all up.img_0773

img_0772Lay the top over your bag base nice and even so all edges line up – I don’t know why I pulled this back for the picture. It makes no sense to me now. You will probably have to trim some edges, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. Once you have it pretty well aligned, just go around cutting the edges into strips. You will end up cutting squares out of all of the corners, but it happens naturally as you go along if you don’t want to worry about it.

Once you have your strips go ahead and start tying double knots all the way around.  I opened my strips and tied white to blue and blue to white for each strip (if that makes sense)tying a double for each pair – one knot ends up on top of another for every strip. Just make sure at some point you decide where you want the “flap” of your bag and don’t make it so the poor kid is tied down! (That’s why I folded it down!!!) Once you get to this point just tie front to back on the single layer of blanket or pad. I found it was easier to fold back my top when I got to a point that I liked and tie up the pad first before going back and tying together the blanket portion. And that’s it!! Here’s the finished product!img_0780

img_0778You can see Thing 2’s camp spot in the back there – I just rolled it up and tied a long scrap around it. They store great! They are both behind this rocking chair in their little rolls! You’d never know unless you sat there (and it’s my spot, so it’s totally off limits!!) Happy camping!

Update 11/14/13

Since this post was published I have begun to sew velcro into the bottom of these so that they can be put through the wash without the pad or pillow – they wash fine with it, but it takes up the WHOLE washer. I also have since done a couple sewn versions. I will be posting a tutorial on that in the near future hopefully!

23 thoughts on “All Tied Up

  1. I got mine at Walmart. It’s a 24″ x 72 ” roll – I think the brand name is Morning Glory and it comes in a bag and is located back by the batting. I believe you can also buy different padding by the yard at most craft/fabric stores, and those should also be located by the batting there. Hope this helps!

    • These two are 24×48″ not including the ties/fringe. Depending on the size of the child I think these should work for children up to 5 years old. As stated before, they can also be made longer to accomodate older/taller children.

    • I have put both of ours through the washer and dryer (all by themselves one at a time) successfully, but the pillows and pads usually need a little readjustment afterward – Usually just shaking them and squishing them around a bit settles everything back where it belongs. I also always check the ties after they come out of the dryer.

    • I haven’t tried that, but they have just slept on top of the blanket with their lighter baby blankets on a couple of occasions. Being up north we don’t get too many excessively hot days. Were you thinking of sewing or tying it in?

  2. This looks awesome! I have a toddler that stays with a friend once a week and didn’t take a nap the first time (yikes!). I think this is a great idea so he has a sleep spot that’s familiar to him. I plan on using either jersey cotton or flannel on the inside and tying them together. Since he’s too young for a pillow I’m skipping that part and the padding, for now.

    Thank you for this amazing post!!

  3. Reblogged this on Glutenfreegangster and commented:
    I think this is an awesome idea for my almost 2year old. I’ll be nixing the pillow and padding for safety reasons. Instead of fleece on the inside I plan on making one with flannel and one with jersey cotton. I LOVE cotton for next to the body. Anything that breathes is great!! Plus then I don’t think he’ll get too hot since he can already be a hot body.

    Thanks for this awesome post!!

  4. I hope it does the trick! I love the idea of lining it with something thinner. I made these with the intent of using them only during cooler weather, but they are out constantly!! Thank you for reading!!!

    • I feel like you’d have to do some sewing to make an adult sized model. I was using the width (60″) of the fabric for the length of the camp spot. If you did an adult size, you couldn’t do that. Just off the top and not having made one in a very long time, I believe you would need about 8 yards (4 of each fabric using a full 2 yards for each layer). You’ll be able to use a wider pad as the entire 60″ width of the fabric is available, but you’ll still have quite a bit of waste.

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    • Yes. You can get away with this as long as you don’t have a very specific pattern, because you are actually using the 60″ side of the fabric as your length. If you are using a more finnicky pattern (think character fleece) you may have to increase your fabric in order to get the pattern facing correctly.

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