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A Healthy Nibble Rather Than Kibble

I ran out of dog food! And I really don’t feel like spending $30+ this week on some dry chunks. So, of course, I’m making my darling boy some home made food with absolutely no mystery ingredients. The rest of us are on real food only, why should he be any different?

Firstly, I have made my darling homemade food before, but this was tweeked a bit to take into account the fact that he tends to get a bit.. ahem.. chunky in the winter. His last vet visit put him at 10 pounds over his healthy weight, so this time around I worked on bulking up his food with a few more vegetables and a little bit of fruit to give him more fiber and help keep him fuller.  I think I may be switching to this completely in the winter months from here on out as I have yet to find a low calorie dog food that I think is worth a darn, and he absolutely loves this, so if it does indeed help him shed his lazy pounds it may become a staple in our household. I will happily let you all know if this food does the trick.

As far as ingredients go, my base has always been chicken, stock and carrots when making dog food in a pinch, but, since I did want to up this one, I used Can Dogs Eat.org   to double check my ingredients. What I ended up using was:img_0855

1 lb ground beef (I prefer using chicken for him, but it was freezer burned but not bad and I can’t throw away food..)

About 5 cups water

1 apple cored and chopped – make sure there are NO seeds if you are feeding your dog an apple

2 stalks celery

2 carrots peeled and chopped

1 med/lg potato peeled and chopped – always peel a potato if you’re giving it to your dog

2 c. brown rice – I use regular rice – NOT the minute stuff

1 c. frozen mixed vegetables – Make sure you check what is in the bag. Mine had carrots, peas, green beans and corn.

At the end I also threw in about 1/2 c. oatmeal just to absorb the excess liquid and thicken the pot.


img_0857 - CopyPut your water and beef into large pot (I just eyeballed my water) and bring to a boil while chopping up all of your other ingredients once chopped add all fresh produce into pot (leave out rice, frozen veg, and oatmeal). Bring it back up to a boil and add in rice. Bring to a boil again. Once boiling, cover, reduce heat to low, and simmer about 40 minutes. Your rice will vanish. Leave it alone down there!

Once your 40 minutes is up, pop the top and give it a little stir to gauge your extra water. This is img_0858what I had going on –

I kept mine over the heat on low uncovered to reduce, but a very sad, starved pair of brown eyes motivated me to speed things along and throw in that 1/2 a cup or so of oatmeal to soak up what was left. Once my oatmeal sucked up all the extra liquid, I grabbed my hand mixer and just ran it through the pot a couple times to make sure there weren’t any big veggie chunks he could eat around.


And this is the resulting doggy chow!

I’m happy to say his bowl has never been cleaner, and he’s never been happier to be my little (76 lb) buddy.img_0859


2 thoughts on “A Healthy Nibble Rather Than Kibble

    • This will last me a week feeding him 2 cups a day – chicken helps bring the cost down – just look for the super cheap bone in family packs and then you can make a bigger batch too 🙂

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