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Stuck On You

My kids love glue. I think all kids do to be honest. We like painting with it, pasting with it and, on occasion, putting it on our hair and skin and adhering glitter, paper, or anything else we can get our little hands on  to ourselves, much to the dismay of mother’s bathtub drain. So, I found a way to make our own about a year and a half ago from Sustainableecho, and it works great on pretty much everything – including wood and knick knackery (if you don’t say anything to Dad, he’ll never know – so SHHH!!). Here’s how we do it!img_0781

1 c. Flour

1/3 c. Sugar

1 1/2 c. Water

1 tsp Vinegar


Stir flour and sugar together in saucepan. Whisk in 3/4 c. water until a thick paste forms. Whisk in last 3/4 c. water until smooth. Put on medium heat stirring constantly until thickened. Stir in vinegar once desired consistency is reached. I use a small wire sieve over my funnel when bottling to keep out any big chunks. If your mix is super chunky near the bottom, just take the back of a spoon and stir it through your sieve mushing it through.

Let cool and craft!img_0783img_0784


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