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Lettuce Never Buy This Again

Hooray for food you can grow from waste! I ran across a list somewhere, showing things you can grow from the “waste” of what you buy. (As soon as I relocate it I will link up to it here). And I was surprised to see that you can grow lettuce from  the stump you get off of your store bought leaf lettuces! Of course I just had to try it because if it’s free I’m all in! So, I chopped my stump off and grabbed an empty soup can, my used coffee grounds and of course the container of dirt I keep below the sink (you’d be surprised how often it comes in handy..) and set out to test this theory.
img_0862                                                                                                  img_0866

I used a small screw driver and a hammer to pop some holes into the bottom of my can and then mixed a 1:3 of coffee grounds and dirt right in my can. I popped my stump in and covered it with dirt, gave it a little water and set it in a little dish on the window sill (so it wouldn’t pee all over the wood window frame of course).  I did all of this on the 15th (6 days ago). 


I took this picture yesterday. So, in just 5 days my little baby stump is already growing up! I can’t wait to eat its little head!



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