And we brush and brush and brush!!

I am NOT a dentist!!! That being said we can move on. Thanks to pinterest, I have rethought my oral hygiene. Yes, it’s scary – teeth do not regenerate from nil at 26 years old. I read a couple of articles on remineralizing your teeth and they definitely gave me some food for thought here they are,, and last but not least, the basis of my concoction After reading these and really sitting down to contemplate risking my teeth it occurred to me that our bodies are nearly fully regenerative. Our skeletons are constantly renovating, red blood cells live a whopping 120 days our skin is constantly cycling – so why do we think once our teeth are damaged its irreversible? Furthermore, why in God’s name would our teeth be absorbent if they weren’t supposed to absorb stuff? Think about it – not one cave man (or woman) would have had adult teeth for long if they were supposed to be coated in fluoride. (A note on my fluoride stance – my kids do use fluoride toothpaste. I do not think kids should stop using it – they simply don’t have the motor skills to brush as effectively as an adult – moving on). Aside from just the teeth, I considered the whole of my mouth. I have brushed the hell out of my teeth for years – and my gums paid for it. I was told that gum recession is completely irreversible – again, my mouth contains the only soft tissue on my whole body that won’t repair itself. I just don’t buy that. What follows here is my own toothpaste recipe – it is not for remineralization, it is simply for keeping my teeth clean and cavity free. I am counting on my teeth absorbing what it needs through what I put in my mouth – the traditional method is always my favorite in all things. After using this recipe for a month I did go to a dentist and I told them what I’d been using – my teeth looked great, and yes, this is totally effective and safe according to my hygenist. She recommended following with a fluoridated rinse – I don’t, but I do have fluoride in my drinking water, so I do get the trace amounts that come from the gallon a day that I gut down.

What You Need:
Coconut oil
Baking soda
Whatever extract (optional – it’s basically like rubbing vodka on your teeth, but if you hate the salty taste it’s super helpful)
Container for your toothpaste!

Put a bit of oil into your container (or, if you like, you can use a microwave safe bowl for mixing it all up) I don’t use an exact amount, just a good lump or two will do – I used about 2 heaping tablespoons worth on this batch


Zap it in the microwave for a wee bit – I think I did 35 seconds or so – coconut oil melts at a really low temp so don’t over do it – you can see mine isn’t even fully melted and it doesn’t even have to be as liquid as this some folks don’t melt it at all, they just mash everything in – I’m too lazy to mash.

melty oil

Throw in a roughly equal amount of baking soda and stir it up good so it’s nice and uniform.


If desired, toss in a bit of extract to your taste. I think I’ve most seen a teaspoonful recommended, but I think that depends on what flavor you’re using, and of course your preference. Today I tried almond extract (I don’t care if you think it’s weird! It turned out really good) and I just did 1/2 teaspoons worth since it is awfully potent, and it doesn’t really clash with the baking soda taste as much as say, peppermint.


Give it one more little mix to incorporate your flavor if you’ve used one and then just let it sit until it firms up again.

I don’t share this container, so I just scrape my toothbrush through it, but I don’t see the harm in sharing one container with your loved ones.

Happy Brushing!